Saturday, April 28, 2012

Megan Fox, Tattoo Removal Is "Incredibly Painful"

Megan Fox is still stuck with Marilyn Monroe. Or, more specifically, a tattoo of the Hollywood icon.

Nearly a year after it became pretty obvious that she was working on losing the image of Marilyn from her forearm, Fox reveals on Ellen today that she has yet to get it completely taken off.

"You are having a tattoo removed," Ellen DeGeneres says while bringing up the topic. "It's more painful than getting a tattoo from what I've heard."

"I've only done one session on it, but it is incredibly, incredibly painful," replies Fox. "Wherever the ink is, the laser hits it and it sort of pops up like little pieces of popcorn and explodes your skin. It's really awful. So kids, don't ever get tattoos!"

Unless, of course, exploding skin is your thing.

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