Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tattoos: Hot Or Horrible

This question has been asked since the time of the trilobite with no affirmative conclusion. Like the ancient organism, the tattoo comes in a variety of shapes and colors. In my opinion, some tats are hot while others are as disturbing as a pit bull with rabies.
So how does one distinguish the sexy tats from the horrible and horrifying? The answer my friend is in the placement and the rendering. It is my chick gab believe that, on a man, a tat placed anywhere is smoking hot. I mean hot as in, " The house is on fire run your for your life." Hot!
There is something so rugged and rough about a boy with a tat that it makes me drool like an elder missing their teeth. But there is another side.
On a woman placement is everything. And less is more. The site of a gorgeous dame with a half sleeve is as hideous as the site of the innards of a goose. Here is what I think.
A tramp stamp is hot. Even an ankle tat and a panty line tat are ok. What is not ok is a tat on the back, arm, stomach, and legs. This is as wrong as the democrats in the senate.
While the rendering itself means very little to my conclusion I will state that I do find it somewhat trashy to have naked women as a tat. It almost screams, " I can't get a date so I'll tat one on me."
In life, some things are just wrong. Like dumpster diving, car jacking, armed robbery and naked busty women on an old dudes wrinkled up muscle. You have to use your head when getting a tat and that means thinking long term and understanding that this work of art will be with you forever.
With that said, I the bold risk taker that I am have a tat, love tats and if placed right believe they are not only hot but they are smoldering.

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