Friday, September 9, 2011

Rose McGowan Tattoo - Shoulder Tattoo

Rose McGowan Tattoo on her Shoulder
One of Rose McGowan’s most distinctive trademarks is a tattoo of a beautiful raven-haired pin-up girl on her shoulder, which she got done at the mere age of 12! It is perhaps a symbol of to her love of Old Hollywood and the female icons of the time. Rose has revealed that the image actually comes from a design that her grandfather had painted on the side of his WWII plane. The tattoo has also been visible in a number of her movies, mainly her early "bad girl" roles. Rose has been in the process of removing the tattoo from her back since 2004 and it is barely visible today. "Now I am trying to remove it. It is very expensive and painful. See, it has become a kind of blue spot," she says.

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